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The dental practice team at Fair Oaks Dental Care takes pride in providing you with comfortable and quality dental services in Fairfax, VA. We use the latest dental technology to treat and educate our patients. Together as a team, we take pride in providing our best dental care to our patients.

Chuck Joo, DMD


A 1995 graduate of University of Florida College of Dentistry, Dr. Joo enhances his education and training by attending continuing education courses and seminars, and by reading and researching the latest in dental technology. As a result, he’s added state-of-the art dental equipment and new treatment techniques to the practice to improve patient comfort and longevity of dental work, and to help you spend less time in the operatory and more time enjoying life. Dr. Joo has received extensive training and certification to perform Invisalign, Zoom 1-hour Whitening, and Zimmer dental implant. Dr. Joo has been Invisalign certified dentist since 2003. His vast amount of Invisalign experience has led to an achievement of receiving Premier Preferred Provider status.

 Many of our patients appreciate Dr. Joo's pain-free dentistry.  Dr. Joo is experienced in calming patients with a high dental anxiety.  Dr. Joo will take his time to explain the procedure so that a patient will fully comprehend his/her treatment and experience no surprises during the treatment.

 Dr. Joo is a strong believer in a preventive dentistry.  He believes that early detection and treatment will play an integral role in maintaining healthy teeth. He takes a great satisfaction to be able to educate children at early age and be able to make a difference to children's dental health.  In fact, Dr. Joo and staff have volunteered every year for Give Kids A Smile events since 2005. Dr. Joo also participates with Smiles for Children program to ensure that underprivileged children have access to a proper dental care. Thanks to Dr. Joo and staff many underprivileged children in Fairfax County have a healthy smile!










Jenny received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Emory University and is pursuing a career in dentistry. Under the mentorship of Dr. Joo, she wishes to provide accessible and quality dental health care to all. During her spare time, she enjoys exploring new restaurants, spending time with her family, and being outdoors.




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