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Fairfax, Virginia patients who have enrolled in Kaiser Permanente health insurance under Obamacare will also receive a free dental benefit called Kaiser 30 Preventive. Fair Oaks Dental Care is a participating dentist for Kaiser dental plan. To learn more about how to use your new Kaiser dental discount plan, please call our office.

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How does Kaiser 30 Preventive dental program work?


 Kaiser Permanente 30 Preventive plan is not same as a traditional PPO dental insurance. Traditional PPO dental insurance allows a patient to visit any dental office and receive a dental coverage from the insurance company. Kaiser Permanente 30 Preventive plan is HMO plan where you will have to assigned to a dentist and can only be used at a dental office that participates with Kaiser Permanente dental program.  Unlike traditional PPO dental program, Kaiser patient will pay more out of a pocket. Keep in mind, Kaiser dental coverage is included as a free benefit when a patient signs up for Kaiser medical insurance. Kaiser has negotiated discounted fee that can range from 25% to 50% from a dental office's usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) fee schedule.


Note: Dental insurance companies do not provide access to a detailed dental insurance coverage; therefore, we can only provide the basic information. To get comprehensive information, please contact your dental insurance company.

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Commonly Asked Questions





Patient's actual co-payment can vary depending on the services received.  Once the patient has enrolled for Kaiser Dental Plan, patient should receive a packet containing the discounted Kaiser fee schedule. There are services that are included as part of $30 visit co-payment and there are services that are offered at Kaiser's discounted fee.



Not all x-rays are covered as a free service of 30 Preventive Plan. If patient is visiting for the first time, then dentist may request for a full mouth x-rays.  The cost of full mouth x-rays will be discounted from 25% to 50% for Kaiser patients.


Teeth Cleaning:

If patient has been getting routine teeth cleaning every 6 months and does not have a gum infection, then patient may qualify for a free cleaning that is included in $30 co-payment.  If patient shows a sign of gum disease or has a presence of hard buildup (calculus/ tartar), then patient will not qualify for a routine cleaning. Dentist will recommend and perform more through cleaning (periodontal debridement or deep scaling).


Dual Insurance Coverage:

Since Kaiser 30 Preventive Plan is a discount program, it may not be used in conjunction with other discounts or dental insurance. Patient will probably save more money using PPO insurance rather than using Kaiser 30 Preventive Plan.


Additional Charges:

Kaiser 30 Preventive Plan may not cover for the best options.  In order for our office to provide a service using a higher quality material, an option to upgrade may be offered.  To continue our effort of providing the highest quality dental care, our office will charge additional $15 office visit fee for Kaiser 30 Preventive Plan patients.

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Why Choose Fair Oaks Dental Care?


Many Kaiser patients choose our office because quality is never sacrificed and we value our Kaiser patients. Quality and value can be found at Fair Oaks Dental Care.

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