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Fair Oaks Dental Care of Fairfax, VA has been providing dental implant service since 2003.  Implant procedures can range from a single implant to multiple implants to replace a loose denture or multiple missing teeth. Key to successful implant treatment is to have an adequate bone to support the implant integration. Implants are more successful when performed within 6 months of extraction.




What is a dental implant?

  • It's an artificial tooth root; made of titanium metal. The dentist places it into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. It is a permanent fixture in your mouth that has excellent long-term success.
  • It also provides more advanced options for replacing a missing tooth than a conventional removable partial denture or a fixed bridge.
  • It helps to preserve healthy teeth and eliminate the risk of dental decay.


What are the benefits of an implant?

  • Replaces one or more teeth without affecting neighboring teeth. So basically, it keeps one tooth problem one tooth problem. Can eliminate putting stress or crowning on adjacent teeth as required for fixed bridge crowns.
  • Prevents drifting and shifting of the neighboring teeth which can cause an unbalanced bite.
  • A long-lasting solution (studies have shown that implant will outlast a root canal treatment).
  • Helps prevent bone resorption. Without having a root or implant in the bone, your extraction site will lose bone thickness and height.
  • Unlike a natural tooth, there is no risk of dental decay.
  • Improves your speech and overall self-image. The implant crown will look similar to your natural teeth.
  • Most importantly, the implant will increase your ability to eat an array of foods. Can chew in a similar fashion as a natural tooth. Will improve your digestion and overall health.


Do I qualify for a dental implant?

  • The implant is more successful for a healthy patient who is a non-smoker and has good oral hygiene. Smoking, diabetes, or teeth grinding/clenching can affect longevity.
  • Without taking x-rays and doing a proper exam, it will be guesswork. Please call our office for an implant consultation to see if you are a good candidate for implants.  Dr. Joo has been performing implant procedures since 2003 and will be able to give you his experienced opinion.

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